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Over 40 Years  

Serving the Southwest


Our organization was started in El Paso, TX in 1979 with a primary focus on commercial landscaping projects.  

Over the past 45 years, Accent Landscape has earned an excellent reputation with its clients and has developed a professional relationship with many prominent designers. In addition to the long-running relationships with clients across the southwest, our company seeks to give back to the communities that have served us over the past several decades.


Accent Landscape is committed to satisfying any commercial landscape and irrigation need a client may have. It is our guarantee to ensure that every single client is completely satisfied with our service.  The results of thousands of successfully executed projects over the past several decades speak for themselves.

Our Committment

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond excellence in service. We value safety and integrity on and off the job, and ensure that our work reflects the standards of our industry and represents the innovation of Accent Landscape's approach. Deeply invested in the relationships of our communities, we seek to set an example of integrity and give back. We are proud to serve the communities that have supported us for over 44 years.

Our Certifications & Qualifications

Since 1979, Accent Landscape's leadership and staff have improved upon industry standards to deliver the best quality products and service to our clients. The company is licensed in two states: Texas and New Mexico. As certified Irrigation Specialists and Qualified Commercial Landscape Developers, we specialize in large-scale projects.

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